Trading Analysis - 4th Jan 2019


4 January 2019

End of Day

Just like yesterday we see determined buying - I felt I was under-representing the large Buys as I was previously only highlighting the Sells so today we have striven for balanced highlighting with 50-100K Buys also highlighted - in green. Interestingly there are no trades over 100K reported today. NickD reported picking up 200K of shares at under 39.50 and it looks like he may have either not stopped there or has been joined by one of more other significant buyers.

Buys outnumber Sells by 2-to-1 :- 1.22M Buys vs 0.599M Sells - an excess of 627,000 Buys at the end of the day.

Zeusfurla reported seeing strange movements in the advertised Bid in the last 5 minutes of trading - and these are reflected in the Bid/Ask on the reported trades in that time period. I hope that there is not an RNS first thing on Monday morning as the unsympathetic may correlate today's strange end day action with a prior knowledge of such an event.

Revised following further information about last 5 minutes of trading

Revised following knuttie's report that he Sold at 50K at the closing bell at 40.155p - for internal consistency I have therefore reclassified everything at 40.150p as a BUY and everything at 40.155p as a SELL. The end day trading position now results with an excess of 495,000 more Buys than Sells.

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