Trading Analysis - 17th April 2018


18 April 2018

396 Trades in all - buying obviously continued at an exuberant level, more so once 20p was passed. Each time nett trade levels have looked like getting out of hand blocks of 100K, 200K, and 250K shares were dropped into the market. I counted 22 sales like this, the last one being 500K in size, amounting to 3.8 Million shares.

These are all shown in green on the graph above - you can see how short spurts of these knock back the nett trade position to something that the Market Makers are more able to manage. My money is on these being the Atlas warrants, of which there were c. 11.2M unexercised last week at a strike price of 14.2p.  Despite these blocks of shares the market makers still appear to be in the hole for 750,000 shares.

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