Trading Analysis - 14th Jan 2019


14 January 2019

End of Day

Very similar behaviour to that observed in the last week - a clear excess of Buys and the SP basically moves sideways. 

There's a brief walk up the morning and if you were quick you could have sold at 41.2p - and following a classic Bed & ISA at 8:30AM things were stable until a sequence of large-ish sells - 100K, 60K, 50K, 75K, 50K (in yellow) all between 9:15 and 9:45. As a result the price paid for Sells fell and Buyers were able to pick up shares at just over 40.5p. The highlighting only shows a single large buy at 10:41 but this belies the chunky sized Buys on either side of this. The nett trade position does not lie and moves up to +230K.

Again things proceed sideway until another sequence of >50K Sells around 1pm - 100K, 50K, 50K that drops the nett trade position back to close to neutrality. This position is reversed within 70 minutes when a pair of 100K Buys are reported - it may well be that the 3 Sells and 2 buys are actually a PI rollover of some sort. A series of Sells at just after 2pm again marginally drop the price for Buys and it seems that this situation is taken advantage of by the Buyers of blocks of 144,780 and 88,000 shares at less than 40.5p.

Buying continues and the nett trade imbalance passes the 500K level, which is roughly average since the start of the year. No TNCP trades, crazy end day UT auction, after hours trades or other apparent nonsense. Plus ça change, or does it ?

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