2018 Q1 Nitrovan Shipments to USA


20 April 2018

Only one delivery was registered for January, possibly due to Vametco’s planned maintenance period towards the end of 2017 combined with lower construction steel requirements over the winter period. Maersk Vilnius delivered 19016Kg of product on the 26th of the month.

Here is a rather artistic video of this vessel approaching the port of Baltimore in 2017 :


(as the video was shot in Feb 2017, and we have only tracked Nitrovan shipments since April 2017 we cannot say if there was a container of Nitrovan aboard on this particular occasion.)

February deliveries from Maersk Visby on the 9th, MSC Gina on the 22nd and Maersk Vallvik on the 23rd added a further 59272Kg to the total. The rising price of Vanadium began to take hold for deliveries during February raising a little under 1 million dollars per container delivered.

The scheduled services during March appear to have been interrupted with the result that one vessel did not stop in Baltimore and one has delayed by several days moving any possible delivery into April.

There were three vessel discharges during March, Primavera on the 5th, MSC Annick on the 18th and Maersk Vilnius on the 24th. A total of 5 containers amounting to 95359Kg of product were landed onto the dockside.

A discussion amongst members has led to the thought that the Nitrovan is driven to a secure distribution warehouse for repacking and transportation out to customers. There is a facility nearby which is registered with the Minor Metals Trade Association and does show repacking of what appears to be Nitrovan on it’s website. Further research is required and ongoing in this area.

To round off for the quarter the total quantity of Nitrovan found to be delivered to Baltimore USA for the period is 173647Kg with an estimated value of $9 million.

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